‘Prism of Reality’ Issue 1 is Travis Diehl’s latest literary venture.

Prism of Reality is a limited edition, daring new magazine out of Los Angeles, lovingly printed by my longtime collaborator, Artforum contributor Travis Diehl. Its Issue 1 features four articles, one by myself, and four reviews. I contributed “Diamond Dust et al.: A Monologue on Materials,” a consideration of the artist’s relationship to materials in art-making, musing on Damien Hirst, Dario Robleto, The Golden Spike, and New Orleans artist Muffin Bernstein. I also had the privilege of contributing to editing phases of the manuscript.

Travis did a great job, and has produced something uniquely “him”– P.O.R. is knowing, fresh, and limits-pushing. It’s no wonder Art21 Blog and Notes on Looking have taken notice.  Travis’ consciousness of the magazine’s need for a delicacy of images was dealt with elegantly: postcards, the magazine’s illustrations, prettily pleat the pages. You could mail them, but there is a collect-them-all quality that will probably make you want to hold them close (it has me).

What’s more, P.O.R. is a humble $10; the only way to see inside its innovative pages is to support the magazine by purchasing one here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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