Diehl’s ‘Prism of Reality’ hits Los Angeles, the world

‘Prism of Reality’ Issue 1 is Travis Diehl’s latest literary venture.

Prism of Reality is a limited edition, daring new magazine out of Los Angeles, lovingly printed by my longtime collaborator, Artforum contributor Travis Diehl. Its Issue 1 features four articles, one by myself, and four reviews. I contributed “Diamond Dust et al.: A Monologue on Materials,” a consideration of the artist’s relationship to materials in art-making, musing on Damien Hirst, Dario Robleto, The Golden Spike, and New Orleans artist Muffin Bernstein. I also had the privilege of contributing to editing phases of the manuscript.

Travis did a great job, and has produced something uniquely “him”– P.O.R. is knowing, fresh, and limits-pushing. It’s no wonder Art21 Blog and Notes on Looking have taken notice.  Travis’ consciousness of the magazine’s need for a delicacy of images was dealt with elegantly: postcards, the magazine’s illustrations, prettily pleat the pages. You could mail them, but there is a collect-them-all quality that will probably make you want to hold them close (it has me).

What’s more, P.O.R. is a humble $10; the only way to see inside its innovative pages is to support the magazine by purchasing one here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Diehl’s ‘Prism of Reality’ hits Los Angeles, the world

    • Hi Veronica! Things are good, it looks like I’m going to stay on permanently at Brookline Adult Ed. Are you in Boston, NY, or somewhere else? How are things? I’m actually looking for a Beginning Russian instructor at BA&CE if you know anyone who may be interested (part-time). Miss you!

      • Georgia, I am not sure what just happened, i think I hit send too soon. Sorry, I just found your reply to my note, and you’ve probably found your Russian instructor.
        I am in London actually, it’s very hard, but overall enjoyable. Merry Chrismas! And Happy New Year!

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